1.0.0 Release!

After almost exactly 4 months of work, version 1.0.0 of Timidna's Path is finally finished and released!

It's been quite an experience creating my first game, there's been learning, frustration and stress, fun, moments of joy and disbelief of actually accomplishing things, and a lot of work.

As it is, the game is playable, enjoyable, and stable. I believe any remaining bugs, if any, are likely very hidden but I'll do my best to address and fix any that are found. That being said, I'm not quite done working on the game yet. There's some features and content that I plan to add to the game in future updates.

Here's what I plan to add eventually:

-More music. So that some events get unique music instead of reusing music from another event.

-An options menu.

  • Difficulty settings.
  • Audio settings.

-Unlockable bonus content page

  • Bonus platforming levels.
  • Bonus dueling levels.
  • Music player.

-Alternate ending(s)?

-Additional final end pictures.

-Maybe something special for Halloween.

Even through the good and the bad, I've loved creating this game. I hope you all enjoy it, and please leave feedback on any improvements that could be made.

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